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21 march 2021

Take the first step to spiritual evolution!


Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been practicing for ages, you are ready to take the next step in your yoga journey… You have come to the right place! Our well-designed programs will set you up with a deeper understanding of the lifestyle, philosophy, and postures of yoga. You’ll learn alignment, adjustments, and how to effectively guide your future students. You will gain new confidence in leadership training. Our programs will deliver an intensive experience where you can get to LIVE your yoga in a like-minded community. Our courses will help you learn techniques that are backed by neuroscience. We love what we do and we are committed to creating the best programs possible. We want you to thrive. We want you to find the best of yourself. We will encourage you to live joyfully and we will mentor you every step of the way. Even if you don’t plan to teach yoga professionally, take this training FOR YOU.

You Will Learn

Devote 200 Hrs For A Healthier You


  1. Hatha Yoga Asana Practice- 60 Hours
  2. Pranayama (Breathing Practices)- 10 Hours
  3. Bandhas (Practice & theory) -2 Hours
  4. Meditation & its technique creation- 20 hours
  5. Psychosomatic Studies & Anatomy- 30 hours
  6. Teaching Methodology & Philosophy- 25Hours
  7. Chakras (Wheels of existence)- 5 Hours
  8. Self Study- 50 Hours

mentors for the course


Lead teacher and founder of Body Mind Alliance, Neeraj Deshwal is a globally certified yoga instructor and NLIP Master Practitioner. He has been teaching yoga for over a decade and comes from a variety of lineages and traditions. Neeraj brings with him profound experience & knowledge in Neurosciences & psychosomatic studies. He is known for his inspiring and creative classes, workshops, and retreats where he helps his students embark on a journey of self-exploration. Mr.Deshwal also specializes in identifying underlying issues to find a natural cure with yoga techniques.

Majored in Economics & Business Management, his passion to learn about the “ The Ancient Science of Yoga” transformed his career trajectory to become an instructor to like-minded individuals. His profound knowledge, committed practice, hours of training, and continual curiosity towards yoga, psycholinguistic got him to start this teacher training course.


Shalini Negi is a certified yoga instructor, majored in Master’s in Yoga Science from the University of Patanjali.
She has experience of more than x years in the domain of teaching yoga.
Her motivation for achieving such a feat wasn’t ego-driven, but it came from her belief that asanas create more than just physical change.
This is exactly what she imparts to her students. Shalini expertise’s in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga, Anatomy in Yoga & Breathing technique.


Certificate Of Completion

Opportunity to apply your learning by conducting training classes as lead instructor

Train under expert yogis for a lifetime experience

Learn the science of chakras to tap unlimited energy in your body

AT ₹12,900/- ONLY ₹25,200

outcome of the course

  1. The course builds and boosts confidence and helps in mindfulness.
  2. Improves the connection between mind and body leading to a soulful life ahead.
  3. Provides comprehensive and vast learning of Asanas, kriyas and meditation techniques.
  4. Uplifts your lifestyle and helps to inculcate teachings in daily life.
  5. Feel the difference by discovering weaknesses and overpower them with your strengths.
  6. Helps to make conscious choices at all levels- spiritual, mental and physical.
  7. Prepares you to design your own unique meditation techniques. Understand how meditation techniques are created.
  8. Certified by Yoga Alliance gives you an official capacity to teach internationally.
  9. Restore body mind connection by working on the core issues which are causing disease and unhealthy patterns in your life.

prerequisites of the course

  1. High- speed internet connection
  2. A laptop/computer
  3. A yoga Mat
  4. A peaceful space to learn and meditate
  5. Latest version of Zoom Application

recommended books

  1. Asana Pranayama mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  2. A systematic course in the ancient tantric technique of yoga and kriya by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  3. Light on Yoga By BKS Iyengar

Build Career In Yoga
At ₹12,900/- (₹25,200)

detailed curriculum

1.Hatha Yoga Asana Practice- 60 Hours

As depicted in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, ‘Asanas’ is one of the eight limbs of yoga. Asanas refer to postures held for a certain duration, staying relaxed, steady, comfortable and motionless. You will learn the intricacies of the asanas and how you can use your mind to improve the practice of Asana. We are going to teach more than 50 asana and kriyas to align your body with the mind.

2. Pranayama (Breathing Practices)- 10 Hours

Pranayama consists of two words ‘prana’ & ‘ayama’. Prana means vital energy whereas ayama means extension/expansion. The word pranayama means the extension of the dimension of prana. Learn the techniques of Pranayama in details and its impact at both physical and mental levels –
1.Gati Samvedi Kriyas
2. Aulom Vilom
3. Bhastrika
4. Kapalabhati
5.Sheetali Pranayama
6. Ujjayi Pranayama
7. Apana, Samana, Vyana & Paradoxical Breathing

3. Bandhas (Practice & theory) -2 Hours

4. Meditation & its technique creation- 20 hours

Meditation is difficult yet the simplest form of practice. To learn meditation one should know how the human brain works. The human brain has its capabilities and limitations, when you are aware of both, meditation becomes easy. The course provides different styles of meditation techniques to relax human mind & body. What you learn in most of the schools is the script for the meditation but here we teach you how to make your meditation techniques. Learn the secrets of its working and optimize the functioning of the brain.

5. Psychosomatic Studies & Anatomy- 30 hours

All medical theories, whether conventional or alternative are based on the concept that diseases are a malfunction of the body. However, they are biological with the sole objective of protecting your life. Significant emotional event impacts the mind and the corresponding body part. Since body and mind is treated different, the core issue in the mind is not solved. Diseases are psychosomatic i.e it is caused by a disruption in mind. Psycho = Mind Soma = Body. We work on the premise that all diseases are generated in mind. 98% of the diseases are psychosomatic. What we cover- Diabetes, Hypothyroid, skin allergy, joint ailments, migraine, allergies, depression, ADHD , anxiety- almost everything.

6. Teaching Methodology & Philosophy- 25Hours

7. Chakras (Wheels of existence)- 5 Hours

The science of chakras is an interesting concept.  To learn & understand the same we need to know the evolution of the human being. Learn the science of chakras to tap unlimited energy in your body.

8. Self Study- 50 Hours


Our brand iwillbfit scientifically serves to carry out Yoga education to teach Yoga techniques to help improve people's physical, mental, and spiritual health for the benefit of their spiritual evolution.

Our vision is to change the way yogis are educated. We aim to lead by example and deliver quality yoga education from a heartfelt place. For us, Yoga is not just an exercise, a philosophy, or a fashion choice. It is our lifestyle.

We aim to bring mindfulness, conscious communication, and joy to everything we do. Our mission is to guide Yoga enthusiasts to become professional trainers & help them source a full-time career in this field by offering a full-time role on completion of the course with us.

Start your Transformational Journey
At ₹12,900/- (₹25,200)

We value your strengths, skills, and even weaknesses.
Start your transformational journey with us. Let's grow together.
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